Office Hours:

Our office hours are Monday-Thursday 8:30 – 4:30 and F 8:30 – 3:30.

We are closed Saturdays and Sundays. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.


We accept and are in-network with most major insurance companies. Medical expenses are the responsibly of the patient regardless of insurance coverage.

We verify insurance benefits as a courtesy prior to your appointment. You understand that all information obtained regarding insurance coverage including but not limited to copay or coinsurance is not a guarantee of payment by your insurance company.

It is the responsibility of the patient to know and understand the terms of your insurance policy. You understand that insurance claims will only be filled with insurance carriers the providers are in-network with. Secondary insurance will not be filed. You understand that the amount collected is only an estimate.

If for any reason your insurance company fails to pay for the services rendered and/or you are not eligible at the time services are rendered, the patient is still responsible for payment.

You understand it is your responsibility for any and all balances on your account.

You are responsible to notify the office in a timely manner should details of your insurance change.

You authorize your insurance to make payments directly to Safe Haven Psychiatry.

Cancellation and missed appointments:

At Safe Haven Psychiatry we require a 24-hour notice for cancelled or rescheduled appointments. You understand and agree it is your responsibility to keep your appointments. Missed appointments without sufficient notice are subject to a $75.00 fee due to time reserved.


Your provider may prescribe medications that require routine and maintenance lab monitoring. These services are not a part of the office visit charges. It is your responsibility to ask the lab about their cost. You may choose any lab of your choice.

Medical Records:

If you are requesting a copy of your medical record you must fill out a written request. Please allow at least 14 business for your record request. The cost for medical records is $30.00.

Medication Prior Authorization:

Each insurance carrier has formulary medications that they cover. There may be occasions where your provider prescribes a medication that is not on this list and requires a prior authorization on your behalf, so you are able to obtain the medication. It is encouraged and recommended that you know what medications are considered formulary by your insurance prior to your appointment, to ensure coverage by your insurance, and give you the time and opportunity to discuss with your provider alternative medications if necessary. Should your insurance require a prior authorization, please understand these are very time consuming and are completed at the end of each business day.

Scope of Practice:

At Safe Haven Psychiatry we do not practice forensic or occupational psychiatry. We do not involve ourselves in Worker’s compensation cases, custody or divorce cases, fit for duty, or disability evaluations/forms, or other legal matters that may concern testimony or civil matters.
Should legal action occur and your provider is required to testify in court such as a divorce or custody case you will be responsible for the following even if the subpoena is sent by the opposing party 1) travel expenses 2) an hourly fee of $70.00 from the time the provider leaves the clinic until they return. At least 50% of the estimated fee is due prior to the court appearance.


Safe Haven Psychiatry routinely uses phone, email, text, and other electronic forms of communication to relay information on scheduling, billing, medication refills and other clinic matters. While we use extensive security and encryption services to protect your information on our end we expect the electronic communication is protected on your end. (examples: a secure PIN for your voicemail or password for email).


Safe Haven Psychiatry is committed to protect your privacy to the fullest extent of Texas law. There are some situations that are excluded from this and we as healthcare providers are required to report by law.

Some common examples include:

      1. any evidence or suspected child abuse (past or present).
      2. If an individual has thoughts or plans to take harmful, dangerous, or criminal acts against themselves or another individual.
      3. Any form of sexual misconduct from another provider of any kind.
      4. Certain court orders or custody matters, malpractice, or other court issues.
      5. Collection of fees.

Should you have any concern about these conditions please feel free to speak to our office staff and we will be happy to assist you.

Right to refer or withdraw:

If for any reason your provider at Safe Haven Psychiatry does not feel their skill set and expertise fit well with a patient’s particular need; they will refer the patient to a provider that is better suited to serve him or her.

The provider and/or client has the right to withdraw from treatment. Should the provider feel the need to withdraw, we will notify the client and provide appropriate referrals and emergency care. Our primary goal at Safe Haven Psychiatry is to help each patient realize and work to unlock their full potential.